10 East 39th Street 1108 is a SCAM! ¡10 East 39th Street es una ESTAFA!

Front Desk Fraud
Keep Yourself Safe.

Received a call about a front desk job opportunity?

It's probably a scam.

Career Resources Consultant
also goes by CRC Services and impersonates SCM Consultants

Located at 10 East 39th Street Suite 1108, these scammers manipulate desperate and vulnerable people into spending $600 to apply to one job with little to no chance of being hired.

Scammer Contact Information
Avoid any interaction with the following.
If the number is not listed here, that does not necessarily mean the job listing is legitimate.

Scam Offices:

Career Resources Consultant: 10 East 39th Street Suite #1108, Manhattan NY 10016.
Advantage Premier Consulting: 325 West 38th Street #1109, #1107 New York 10018
Citi-Wide Multi Services: 53 East 34th Street New York NY 10016
Allianz/Alliance Multi Services: 1501 Broadway 12th Floor New York 10036, 34 West 34th Street Suite 4
Phone Numbers: 929-353-9390, 917-548-6152, 646-703-5899, 718-801-4215, 718-576-4978, 347-801-1879, 718-576-4978, 718-801-4215, 239-367-2451, 917-588-4670, 973-370-4562, 705-389-9654, 801-301-7042, 718-593-6685
Email: chriswilliams82363@gmail.com, jobs11538@gmail.com, empleo2368@gmail.com, cwwork331@gmail.com, crcjobs0310@gmail.com, apcservicesnyc@gmail.com, support@allianzemultiservices.com, jamesomni125@gmail.com
Website: careerresourceconsultant.com, advantagepremierinc.com, citi-widemultiservices.com, allianzemultiservices.com

TikTok/Instagram: @jobs.security, @securityjobs0 Cash App: $chris1203c PayPal: chriswilliams82363+pay@gmail.com

The Call

These scammers have literally admitted that they only call, not text or email, to catch you off guard and prevent you from researching on your own time. If you get a call that sounds like this, end the call. Block and report the number if you can.

"We have front desk and receptionist positions available but they require a security license, do you have one?"

The call usually begins with the scammer addressing you by your full name and asking if they're speaking to you. Then they mention there are front desk and receptionist positions available that require a security license. If you have the license already, they'll ask about other licenses you do not have. They require you to buy a license that comes with "free job placement" to create this loophole of "actually not paying for a job. If you have all the licenses they offer, then you won't qualify for their "free job placement" as it's actually not free."

"No? Well that's fine as we offer security licenses with free job placement. It will be a deposit of $150, is that okay?"

If you do not have one of the licenses they offer, you'll qualify to get that license and "free job placement". You'll be asked to bring your resume, government-issued identification, and $150 in cash or to send via Cash App.

"We are located at 10 East 39th Street, room 1108. Ask for [name]."

If you seem interested enough, they'll reveal the address and tell you to ask for the name of the caller. The scammers are Lionel, Scott, Monique, Gonzales, Henry, and James. You'll most likely ask for one of these names, and that is only to give that particular scam caller credit. The scam process does not change at all.

At the Office

This is where you will be scammed. If you aren't interested by the time you're inside, all of the scam callers will pressure you into just paying for the license as you're leaving a lot of potential money behind. It's a horrible experience, and you are much better off never going to the office at all.

Bait-and-Switch 1: It's not an interview, it's a sales pitch.

Regardless of who you had to ask for, Lionel, whose real name is Christopher, will walk you through a sales pitch selling their licensing and job placement. He'll tell you about how much you can make, especially if you work overtime or on a holiday. "This is a job, but this is a career!!"

Bait-and-Switch 2: The license is actually $600, and only Career Resources Consultant will give you free job placement with it.

You're paying a deposit of $150, and will need to pay the remaining $450 to get your free job placement. You have the option to pay in full, and get your free job placement as soon as your license comes in the mail. If you are no longer interested, as mentioned earlier the scammers will pressure you into just continuing.

Security Class

Upon paying the deposit or full amount, you'll be scheduled to go to a security class. This is at a real security school as your deposit paid for it, and you'll get your license in the mail upon completion. When you get your license, you are to go back to Career Resources Consultant's office to pay the remaining $450 to get your free job placement.

The Truth About Their Business

Everything may seem legitimate because they're scammers whose occupation is to manipulate people. They know how to be subtle enough to trick people into giving them money.

The deposit is the full price of the security license and class.

The security class and license costs $150 in total. The "deposit" trick is to seem cheap upfront, and then take advantage of sunken-cost fallacy, where victims already spent $150, so they might as well pay for the rest. The $450 pays the scammers. They will not give you the job placement if you don't pay them $450. They also will not allow you to pay after you get hired, because they know you will not be hired anytime soon or possibly ever.

The job placement is a referral to Beau Dietl and Associates, which is always free to apply to.

Beau Dietl and Associates is a legitimate staffing agency and has an application form that is FREE to apply with online. Applying online or in person does not affect your chances of being hired. Beau Dietl and Associates is not affiliated with Career Resources Consultant, and their staff have no idea who Career Resources Consultant is.

Bait-and-Switch 3: If you're the lucky few who gets a job through this, you're most likely going to be a security guard standing on your feet for a long time, not a receptionist.

You most likely applied to be a receptionist or front desk agent, however the positions hiring are most likely security guard positions where you'll be standing around a lot. You'll be waiting for a long time for receptionist jobs to be available, and if they are, you still have a tiny chance of being hired this way.

If you never get hired, you will not be helped.

As soon as you give Christopher $450 and sign up to Beau Dietl and Associates, Career Resources Consultant's services for you are complete. If you never hear back from Beau Dietl and Associates, Career Resources Consultant will not help you.

The Contract

If any job placement or staffing agency has a contract that looks like this, do NOT pay.

What to Do If You Were Contacted

Do not feel any shame for being manipulated by these professional scammers. They got me, and it's why I made this site to protect everyone else until these scammers need to get real jobs.

You were called, confirmed an interview, but did not go

Do not go to 10 East 39th Street #1108. It's a scam. Don't do it. Block the number that contacted you, and also block the numbers at the top of this page to prevent the other scammers from contacting you. If your phone has a "block and report" function, use it.

You went to the office and paid

If you paid in cash, contact your bank. If you paid with Cash App or PayPal, contact the service you used. You might not get your money back but it will flag their account to prevent others from being scammed. Your "deposit" paid for the actual security class in full, so make sure you get your security license. If you want to apply to Beau Dietl and Associates for free, not $450, contact them via their website. While you have a tiny chance of being hired, at least you did not spend $450 for this tiny chance.

Avoiding Job Scams

NEVER use CareerBuilder!

CareerBuilder is completely infested with scams of all kinds. Delete your account if you have one, and avoid any links to CareerBuilder.

NEVER pay for a job

Not for a license, not for training, not for supplies, nothing, ever. Career Resources Consultant was able to manipulate people by stating they're "not paying for a job". However, you should not pay for "resources" to get a job either.

Avoid free job boards

Free job boards have several scams, including those that impersonate real companies. Use paid, filtered job boards like FlexJobs to avoid scams.

Never apply to random companies out of desperation

Always research companies you're applying to. If you need a job soon and don't care about your position, choose Amazon, and only apply to Amazon at hiring.amazon.com.

Avoid companies that have free email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

Reputable companies will never use these email services. However that does not mean every professional looking domain is legitimate.

Use ICANN Lookup on website domains

ICANN Lookup can reveal details about domain names, including when they were registered. ANYONE can register a domain name, and they're usually very cheap at around $20 per year. https://lookup.icann.org/

Avoid looking for "easy" and popular positions

Positions like receptionist or remote customer service are highly sought after, and job seekers looking for these positions are often scammed into losing money or settling for positions they did not apply to.

Search Reddit

Communities on Reddit, known as 'subreddits', often have information and discussion about scams. Search Reddit directly or include "reddit" in your Google search.

Be wary of companies or job listings with the word "consultant"

Oftentimes these positions tend to be multi-level marketing or advertising. Their pay is usually commission based, meaning you'll be paid less than minimum wage to stand outside advertising for 8 hours, or next to nothing pestering people on social media to buy products they don't want.

Career Resources Consultant "CRC Services" is a job placement scam run by a grossly manipulative parasite named Christopher "Lionel" Williams. "Lionel", James, Henry, Monique, or Gonzalez will call people looking for front desk or receptionist jobs, and tell them they need to pay a $150 "deposit" for a $600 license that comes with free job placement. The license actually costs $150, and the extra $450 goes into the scammers' pockets. The "job placement" is just a referral to Beau Dietl and Associates which can be applied to for FREE at investigations.com. It's also a very backed up wait list so no, victims are not "working as soon as possible", they're waiting months or years for a phone call. You may receive calls from 646-703-5899, 929-353-9390, or 347-801-1878. Any call telling you to go to 10 East 39th Street #1108 is this exact scam. Be careful, job seekers! front desk lobby jobs Front Desk Security Agents Needed SCM Consultants 10 East 39th Street Suite 1108, 10 East 39th Street 1108, 10 E 39 ST 1108, room 1108, room #1108, suite #1108, suite 1108, 11th floor, eleventh floor, 11 Fl, christopher williams, chriswilliams82363, chris, lionel, james, gonzales, gonzalez, henry, scott, monique, chris1203c, $chris1203c, SCM Consultants, SCM Consultant, SCM, career resource consultant, career resources consultant, crc, crc services, job placement, 10 East 39th Street 1108 real legit scam fake, 10 East 39th Street 11th floor real legit scam fake, 9293539390, 929 393 9390, 6467075899, 646 703 5899, 3478011879, 347 801 1879, 7185764978, 718 576 4978, indeed, job today, jobtoday, jobget, job get, simplyhired, careerbuilder, security license scam, security job scam, security job placement scam, free job placement, job placement, security jobs near me, security hiring near me, security guard job, front desk agent job, front desk hiring near me, front desk job scam, receptionist hiring near me, receptionist job scam, receptionist job, 150 deposit, $150 deposit, 10 East 39th Street, 10 E 39 ST, 10 East 39th Street Manhattan NY 10016, 10 East 39th Street, New York, NY, 10016, arena security, jobs nyc, beau dietl and associates, bda, beau dietl & associates, bd&a, investigations com, investigations.com, 7188014215, 2393672451, @securityjobs0, securityjobs0, security jobs tiktok, @jobs.security, jobssecurity, jobs security tiktok, jobs11538@gmail.com, jobs11538, jobs 11538, empleo2368@gmail.com, empleo2368, empleo 2368, front desk hiring nyc, security hiring nyc, receptionist hiring nyc, fraud, scam, fake job, job scam, employment fraud, security job scam, front desk job scam, receptionist job scam, scam call, fraude, estafa, trabajo falso, estafa laboral, fraude laboral, estafa laboral de seguridad, estafa laboral de recepción, estafa laboral de recepcionista, llamada fraudulenta, 10 East 39th Street Suite 1108, 10 East 39th Street 1108, 10 E 39 ST 1108, habitación 1108, habitación #1108, suite #1108, suite 1108, piso 11, piso 11, 11 piso, christopher williams, chriswilliams82363, chris, lionel , james, gonzales, gonzalez, henry, scott, monique, chris1203c, $chris1203c, consultor de recursos profesionales, consultor de recursos profesionales, crc, servicios de crc, colocación laboral, 10 East 39th Street 1108 estafa legítima real falsa, 10 East 39th Street, piso 11 estafa legítima real falsa, 9293539390, 929 393 9390, 6467075899, 646 703 5899, 3478011879, 347 801 1879, 7185764978, 718 576 4978, de hecho, trabajo hoy, trabajo hoy, búsqueda de trabajo, conseguir trabajo, simplemente contratado, constructor de carrera, estafa de licencia de seguridad, seguridad estafa laboral, estafa de colocación laboral de seguridad, colocación laboral gratuita, colocación laboral, trabajos de seguridad cerca de mí, contratación de seguridad cerca de mí, trabajo de guardia de seguridad, trabajo de agente de recepción, contratación de recepción cerca de mí, estafa de trabajo de recepción, contratación de recepcionista cerca de mí, estafa de trabajo de recepcionista, trabajo de recepcionista, depósito de 150, depósito de $150, 10 East 39th Street, 10 E 39 ST, 10 East 39th Street Manhattan NY 10016, 10 East 39th Street, Nueva York, NY, 10016, seguridad de la arena, trabajos en Nueva York, beau dietl y asociados, bda, beau dietl & asociados, bd&a Now hiring unarmed security officers throughout New York area, Immediate interviews are being held, All shifts available! Immediate hire! Applicants must possess, *Excellent customer service *Excellent communication skills *Must be Responsible and Reliable *Must be able to stand for long periods of time. Unarmed security pays between $18 to $25 per hour* (No experience required) *Must be able to follow and uphold company safety, security policies and procedures And maintain Radio communication with branch and or dispatch, join our security family Now, For an Interview please Contact The Human resource department at 718-576-4978